Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who's that?

Mum & dad came home at their usual time last evening. However, sometime around 10.45pm, my dad started mopping the floor in my room, followed by mopping the floor in the hall. After awhile, he started setting up my old "house", I smelt something fishy...& it sure looked familiar to me! Don't tell me that noisy mini schnauzer is coming again??!!

Geez...he's really a pain in the neck whenever he barks coz once he started barking, he can't stop, & he's so afraid of me. But well, what could I do then? It was not my fault, I was just being FRIENDLY...Woof!

It was 11pm, I was getting anxious when my dad attempted to ask me to go back to my current "house"...I always go back willingly upon command, but not this time, so dad decided to grab hold of me, unfortunately he couldn't as I was pasing around the house, walking to & fro between the gate & everywhere but not my room!

As I walked around the house anxiously, I sensed someone coming out of the lift! Oh, I saw someone familiar!!! It's Auntie L! But who's the other two hoomans....& a white fella of my kind??? This time, I got REALLY EXCITED...who was that? who was that?

Dad managed to grab hold of me & put me in my "house". Mum then opened the door & there they were, all into the house...& I went into a frenzy!!

Now, I saw a white dog with a brown face & black patches running down from it's eyes. I could sense that it's a girl, a little girl. She's so SUPRISINGLY QUIET unlike that mini schnauzer. And she smelt nice & sweet...

And here I am, trying to get close to this white little gal, wanted to say welcome to her, but all the hoomans didn't allow me to do that, they made sure I was at least 1m away from this gal. Hmph! So bad of them!!!

Ok, better let you guys see her pics to let you all understand my excitement & frustration.

This is Panda, the white little gal, isn't she cute & sweet?

Mum, is this my girlfriend? hee..hee... :p

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Corgi vs Remote Control Car

Some day ago, mummy brought this weird creature, it's weird, coz it moves back & forth on its own..

See, I am not afraid...I AM NOT AFRAID!!!