Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nicky R.I.P in Raisin Land (22/02/04 to 16/12/08)

Today is special, I let my mummy use my blog..woof!

On 14th dec night, suspected that Nicky has not been eating for days, as his pellets and hay were totally untouched, next thing I realized was the water, it did not move at all. Gave him an almond, he ate very slowly, however he left 2/3 of it on the floor. I noticed something was not right & needs medical attention asap.

Yesterday morning, which was 15th dec, brought him to Dr Hsu, and he was diagnosed with gut problem, & hence given medication to move his gut. After all the handfeeding with critical care & apple sauce, he was improving.

But this morning, Nicky looked a bit different, & much more weaker. Continued to handfeed every 1 hr. Still he didn't look good. Despite all these, I still hoped that he will get better, unfortunately he did not. He passed away around 2pm! Though was not surprised that he will not make it, I still feel that his death was too sudden.

Nicky was my 1st chin, he is also my most favorite chin, as he was such a good boy & an intelliegent one. I really cannot accept his death as he's too young to die!

I just cannot stop crying....Nicky, hope you enjoy in Raisin Land now....& appear in my dreamland tonite...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Me & my BIG Softball...

I think my mummy really too lazy to type much with just one hand. And so here's the pictues.....will ask her to give some narratives to the pics..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My 2 yrs Old Brkday!

Woof! Woof! 29th Aug, which was yesterday, I turned 2 yrs old! My mum said I am a big boy already, so must be a good boy. And she wanted to bring me to the earth cafe, but dad didn't want to... *whine**WHINE**WWWHHHIIINNNEEE*

But no worry, I've got something special!! My mum cooked me a very special dinner!!!!
Ok, talk later, show pictures 1st...

See...this dish is called "Poach Salmon Potato with hard boiled egg & green pea"...

As it's name implies, this dish was made up of salmon, potato, egg & green pea

Before I started walloping, mum removed the fishbones from the salmon & crushed the potato & eggs, & mixed well...

(Mum:If I don't mixed the food well, Ode will bite the whole pieces of potato or egg & leave it on the floor...*faint*)

Ok, mum, let me start eating...here I go...chomp chomp chomp....

Almost finishing.....

It was so yummy that I finished all & left the bowl brightly polished! Burp! Burp!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Tiga went home on 15th Jul

My guest, Tiga, a Mini Schnauzer, who stayed at my place, sharing the same room with me, for 9 days, had went home with his parents few days ago, which was tuesday. Because of him, I got to go down for walk TWICE a day!! Wasn't it GREAT??

Unlike me, Tiga is a very timid boy, heard that his parents only bring him out for walk once a month! Woof! No wonder he's afraid of every sight & every sound, even at home. But with mummy's effort to bring him out, he was getting better by the day.

He's no longer afraid of passing vehicles, less afraid of passers-by(80% less), but still afraid of sudden movements(humans suddenly appeared at his sight).

Ok, here are some of his pics during his stay :

I hope the parents will bring him out everyday, so that he will be a brave boy like me!! Woof! wOOF!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Buddy?

Woof! guys & gals, I was so excited when I heard someone barking very loud at my door! Then soon after, I saw a little doggie at half of my size in my house with many humans...this doggie is even more excited than me or I should say very very nervous that he kept barking and barking.

Ok, you guys must be wondering how it looks like right? Ok, here's the pic of him...

His name is Tiga, heard from mummy that he's not my new buddy, but my guest who wlll be staying here with me form 7th to 15th Jul, while his parents & children went on a holiday.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

FUN time at the dog run...

Yesterday, mummy brought me to the dog run in the evening, over there, I met 2 dogs, one of the male doggy attempted to hump me, but I attempted to hump back, & after this point, he dare not hump me anymore..hehehe...after that I was so engrossed in defining my territory that I couldn't be bothered to play with them!

Until I finished marking every inch of the boundary, then I started to play with them...

I kept smelling & following this 8 mths old puppy, you guys make a guess, is this puppy a boy or a gal? :p

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Corgi Soccer!

Hey, you guys ever played soccer with 2 balls? Let me show you..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Saliva Saver

What is a Saliva Saver? It's a BLUE BALL that is soft to my gums & teeth...
And why call it saliva saver? After a while, the whole ball is so wet, while the floor is dry..woof!

Paws..see how I play with the ball...

Chew chew...feel like a gum-massager...

Thank you auntie L, I LOVE the ball...

Auntie L, can you be my godma? woof! woof!

Within 10mins, I riped off the 2 white tags, after which the ball is so full of my drool..

Friday, May 9, 2008

Clare & Me!!

Hmmm...after Clare MIA for 1 mth, she's back...but she smelt different..:p Here are some of our 'loving' pics...hehe

1st, saying hello by......butt-smelling...

Now, smell & lick her ear...

Tickle her chest...

Clare : Help! Help!

Ok, good gal...let's have a kiss!

I love the last pic, see how I adore Clare...lick lick..:p
After checking & smelling her, finally she smell like a gal now..woof! woof!
Even Benny also smelt her...woof!

Barn2, let you know, Clare likes me too! *grin* *grin*

It's Wednesday! Its Playtime again!!!!

And how I miss my friends! I miss Clare, Barn2, Benny, Dexter, Lucky & Marky. A dog's life is not a dog's life without them. Not sure why I didn't see them for the past 1 mth, however I saw Aunty L's car, around 9.50am, & there I hopped onto the car & saw Aunty Lu, Barn2 & Clare..

Here's what we did during that day:

a) Tug-of-war

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Woof! Paws, the weather is so hot these days! My dad and mum can't take it, so do I. You see we corgis got thick coats, but humans don't. If they can't take it, I would feel worse. I was panting & panting, drooling all over the floor.

Due to the heat, mum & dad will turn on the aircon when it's time to sleep. SO how about me? Oh yes, oh yes, I got aircon for my room too! FYI, I got 4 chinchillas staying with me, so when the airocn is on, 5 of us gets the cool air for the nite. I slept soundly for the last 2 nites..hehe..thanx to the heat, ya?

Also I got aircons for the few hours during the day..oooo..yes..more heat = more aircon for me...:p

Mummy : Been running 2 units at the same time for more than 8 hrs during the night & 6 hrs for 1 unit during the day, for these few days.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Silver Dog Charm - Corgi

Daddy bought me two dog charm, they are genuine silver. Look at the two corgi charms, the one on the right looks like me, ya?

I got a harness & a collar, so just nice, I can use both of them on my harness & collar..hehe...Daddy said I am the only corgi in S'pore wearing a corgi charm..woof!

Monday, April 7, 2008

End of the Walk

After the walk was over, while resting & watching other doggies, I made a new friend..

See...I'm so friendly..*grin*

Here are a few shots of me that mummy has taken...

It was a hot sunday morning, & a long walk, I enjoyed the whole events though I was very tired after that. Among 400 dogs, there were only 2 corgis, me & the 4 yr old red/white. Unlike last yr, there were so many corgis, easily 10 of us. I think it would be even more fun if all of my usual gang & frens can be there too.

Thatz about all, Paws, lets see if we can meet up next yr, ya?