Friday, July 18, 2008

Tiga went home on 15th Jul

My guest, Tiga, a Mini Schnauzer, who stayed at my place, sharing the same room with me, for 9 days, had went home with his parents few days ago, which was tuesday. Because of him, I got to go down for walk TWICE a day!! Wasn't it GREAT??

Unlike me, Tiga is a very timid boy, heard that his parents only bring him out for walk once a month! Woof! No wonder he's afraid of every sight & every sound, even at home. But with mummy's effort to bring him out, he was getting better by the day.

He's no longer afraid of passing vehicles, less afraid of passers-by(80% less), but still afraid of sudden movements(humans suddenly appeared at his sight).

Ok, here are some of his pics during his stay :

I hope the parents will bring him out everyday, so that he will be a brave boy like me!! Woof! wOOF!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Buddy?

Woof! guys & gals, I was so excited when I heard someone barking very loud at my door! Then soon after, I saw a little doggie at half of my size in my house with many humans...this doggie is even more excited than me or I should say very very nervous that he kept barking and barking.

Ok, you guys must be wondering how it looks like right? Ok, here's the pic of him...

His name is Tiga, heard from mummy that he's not my new buddy, but my guest who wlll be staying here with me form 7th to 15th Jul, while his parents & children went on a holiday.