Sunday, February 24, 2008

More pictures from the Pawty..

Barn2 & his mummy sitting outside watching us inside..hehe

I only remember clare, not sure who is that on the left..anyone of you can tell me?

Lucky, always on the lap of his grandma...

Whose Butt?

Buta facing the camera, again I had forgotten whose that on thr left? Too many corgis, mostly are red/white. Unlike me...hehe

Cookie's Barkday Pawty

Woof! Yesterday was my friend, Cookie's Barkday pawty! At 9.30am, auntie L came & pick me up, inside the car, there were barn2 & clare & auntie Lu. Just like when I got to see them every wednesday morning. And as such, we were the super early paws that arrived auntie Z's shop, Benny was already sitting at the door step, can see that he was happy to see us again.

It was really an awesome & super FUN pawty, having 11 corgis inside the store & 1 outside the store...1 outside?(hehe...) Among the 12 corgis, there were few new faces that Benny, clare & me have not met, as for me, this was the 1st time I met Collar, Rhubarb, Wolfie & Chester. Among the 4 of them, Rhubarb & Wolfie were new to everybody.

Here are some shots by my mummy, the moment we reached home, she started all the downloading & editing, while I was laying flat on the floor, can hardly open my took at least 3 hrs for my mummy to select & edit good ones among the 198 shots!

Ok, everybody must be anxious to see those pics...

Here it goes :

This is Chester, a very handsome boy, but it's also sweet heart to his daddy n mummy..

Rhubarb & me, don't know why, I like him very much, hence saying Hello to him, telling him, we shall play outside later on.

Rhubarb, I will wait for you to finish your massage, ya?

Playing tug-of-war, not sure who's on the other end..hehe

Hehe..Buta needs to wear this cute panty..but always drop easily..hahahahaha

This is barkday boy, Cookie the vocal Angel boy..he literally barked non-stop the moment he stepped into the shop, seems like he has not changed a bit since the last time I met him, this is the 3rd time we met.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Chicken Meat

Oh! I smell something during dinner time, whatz that? whatz that? Oh, I sensed chicken!! Is it for me? Today, mum cooked chicken fillet for me...woof woof! How good. Yet I am not getting it, I've been given the usual kibbles and can-food at a smaller portion.

I've finished 99% of the kibbles n wet food, but still don't see any chicken meat.....OH YES!! chicken meat!!! 10mins after I finished the usual kibbles n can-food. I saw nummy putting pieces of meat on my food dish.

Yummy! So nice, it surely taste nices...have not been eating cooked chicken meat for very long long time.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Fetching game

There was one moment that we played fetching game, Benny was fast, but I am too, just that I am too focus on the ball...look at the picture below :

Clare & Me at the gathering...

I usually don't play much with Clare, but this time, I feel like playing with her..

Clare : Go away...(Pushing Ode away)

Push me? I pin you down...

I kept smelling at her butt!..

Ok ok, let's be friend again...

Heehee...let's play again...

Aunty Lorna was afraid that I rape his gal, Clare...haha...what a fun day!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gathering on CNY Eve

Here we are, having our weekly gathering, this time round with Dexter joining in.

Long time didn't see Dexter...

Whispering into Dexter's ear(Hey, tell you a secret, I got a girlfriend)

Before Lucky came, let me see whether you smell better or I smell better..But hey, I surely smell better ya(smell Manly)

Hmmm...confirm let me smell your ear...

What did you eat in the morning, Dexter?

Hey, my dream gal is here!

Play with you later, let me go n play with Lucky 1st, have been missing her since last meeting...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My latest photos!

Woof! All, my mummy took some shots of they are..

Do I look handsome?? :p