Thursday, January 31, 2008

Scratch ME! Scratch ME!

Ooooh...Aunty Lorna scratching my tummy & chest..


Ode : Aunty Lorna, I want somemore...ppppllleeaassee...

Another Wednesday at K9Campus

Woof! Woof! Time flies, & it was wednesday again.

The game starts here :

Game No. 1 --- 3-party Wrestling

Game No. 2 --- Snarring Competition

Ode & Benny challenging each other to see who got the sharpest canine teeth...
Benny : I got the sharpest!

Benny & Ode : Let's open wide wide & see....

Nah, not enough, let's look closer....

Benny : Eeeee...bad breath!!

Ode : Where got??? You smell again.....
My teeth is also very white & nice you know....

Benny : Ok, you win.....I better stay away....
Ode : Mum, do I really got a bad breath?

My Dream Gal ------- Lucky!

Here I am starring at Lucky, telling her, hey, gal, I like you very much, let's go "pat-tor".. :p

Clare : NO! It's gal's time, Lucky, come on, let's wrestle again, it's so FUN.

More actions at Pawsitive sensation

Woof! All SOCKS,

Here are more pics for last wednesday outing :

Benny vs Clare:

Clare vs Lucky :

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hey, It was Wednesday again!

It's wednesday again, we didn't meet up last week. So we were especially excited to meet up again yesterday, Oh, especially me, I can see my dream gal ----> LUCKY!

Hmm, finally mummy brought a decent cam, but it also means a lot of shots & editing, so kind of a bit late to write the blog, hey, always late by one day(nah, not me, not me!..hehe). Anyway, given the number of shots, it was fast of her to finish all the shortlisting & editing, & finally posted them up on an online album, & me blogging here. She has a total of more than 150 raw pics, converted about 112 pics, & finalised to 79 pics.

Ok, See some of the pics below:

Benny on top of me...

Now me on top...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thunder Storm Chicken

Boom! Boom! It's raining again, & it's heavy. Thunder storm, oh, I am really afraid, I ran to my mummy, oh, luckily she's at home, followed her around the house. When she sits on the sofa, I sit very close to her legs, this time, mummy picked me up & let me sit beside her on the sofa. Boom! I lean closer to mummy, & she said I am a thunder storm chicken!!

Few more thunder storm, & I remain at mummy's side, but she has fallen asleep...zzzzz...

Woof! I am a DOG, not a chicken!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another wednesday at K9campus

Hooray, it's wednesday again. Yesterday, my mum brought me to K9campus again. Oh yes, my wish came true!! ticklish, Benny trying to clean my ears...the moment I stepped into the shop...

And I showed my appreciation with a lick on his cheek....

Now the game started...Benny challenging me & Clare wanna kiss me...hehe

Hey, little gals, what are you all chatting about? I want to join in...hmm, not actually, in fact, I want Lucky. Hi sweet gal, let's play. Excuse me Clare, can you stand aside for a moment? Thank you.

Oh yeah! Gal, let's play with the bone together..I teach you how to distroy it in the fastest way..hehehe

Ok, I had taught you how to, now you teach Clare. Oh, Clare might be know how to distroy the bone too.

Heyhey, here comes the "Clown of the Day"....

The pictures not very clear, blame my mum, not sure why she's not bringing her thousands $$$ camera, instead she uses her handphone to shoot. Hmm..must ask her to bring that good camera next time, really don't like to see blurr pictures, I am so cute & handsome you know...hehehehee... :p

Monday, January 7, 2008

Outing at Bishan Park on 6th Jan, Sunday

Today, my mum brings to the Bishan Park dog run, so many dogs there, & humans too. I saw some dogs having agility competitions. Then after sometime, mummy brings me into a small dog agility trial, but I don't know how to play them. So mummy brings me out of the trial & I met many doggie friends.

It was a long outing for me this time at Bishan park, we reached there at around 4.30pm, went back home at around 7pm. I was so tired & hungry, mummy gave me dinner 1 hr earlier than usual, after that I also got my bath earlier. I dozed off everywhere in the house.

Friday, January 4, 2008

My 1st visit to K9Campus on 2nd Jan

It was a wednesday, Oh, well, you guys think I really know which day was it? Anyway, I know mummy was not working, as usual, whenever she brings me out for walk, she will say "Kai-kai", When I heard it, oh yes, I was so excited as usual, can go for walk again.

However, I noticed mummy & I were standing at the void deck. Not sure what was happening, I just greeted every passersby with a smile, after a while, a white car drove in, mummy walked towards it, got a blue carrier from Aunty Rachel, squeezed me inside, I was so scared.

After a while, we reached a place called K9Campus, here, I saw Benny, Lucky, aunty Zoe, & into a room, where we started to have fun, Dexter & Clare were there too.

Hmm..I don't have pics, can I steal pics from Barn2's blog? hehe..
But well, you guys might as well refer to his blog, pics & narratives are there..haha

Looking forward to the next outing..woof!