Thursday, March 27, 2008

When I was a baby.....

When I was 3.5 mths old....

When I was 5.5 mths old...

Me at 6 mths old...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mr Piggy....

This is my new pal, Mr Piggy...

Don't know where dad n mum got it from, it can move on it's own, & it also has lights & sounds...

Daddy enticing me..yet still asked me to wait...

Daddy, I've been listening to you, & had waited so long..let me play with Mr Piggy..

Gotcha! Now, it's MINE!!!

Hmmmmm..sniff don't smell like a smell like plastic!!

When it moves, I scolded him, but after a while, I caught him the moment he started saliva was all over his body...:p""""

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Benny & Me

Woof! All Paws, here comes our weekly gathering at K9Campus. This day, only Benny & I really played for some time, as Dexter & Lucky were not here, & Clare went swimming with her brother Barn2. This week's arrangement was a bit different, Mrky came for massage instead of swimming. Both Benny n I were told to stay inside a room, for we have not really met up with Marky, & the fact that Auntie Z giving him the massage.

And here's our wrestling sessions during Marky's massage:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Evening Walk

U know I was so happy, just now daddy brought me out for walk, & mommy followed. So it's like a whole family outing, as usually, it's either dad walk me or mum, but most of the time is mum. It is like once in a blue moon, almost close to striking TOTO(my "2-legged" creature's game) to have both of them walking together with me.

This is where I stay, places where there are high human & vehicle traffic.

Something attracted my attention -----> a Taxi, & a few 2-legged creatues getting into it...

Hoi, I want to get in too..but daddy kept me from moving even an another inch closer...

Oh, well, I can always glued to the ground & watch...hey! hey! hey!

Woof! Walked with daddy & mommy today, played FRAP, ate ribs, greenies, sea biscuits & sea jerky, played fetch, poo n pee a lot, & tomorrow it's wrestling time with Benny again, WOOF! WOOF! THIS IS DOG'S LIFE!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

My New Treats

Today mummy bought a lot of new treats for me..some of them I had tried before & I love it...

These 2 are new & I have never eaten mummy bought 1 packet each..

This Succulent Spare Ribs is really yummy...I tried it before & I love's so irresistible. Mummy bought 4 packets!!

Mummy : Sent Ode for bath & nail trimming today, as his nail is getting too long. And since I don't go there often, I might as well buy more treats to last a long time. According to the petshop, these 3 items are one of their top sellers, especially the Spare Ribs, runs out the fastest!

Though I bought so many packs, I only give one rib per day. There are abt 10 to 12 strips of ribs in a pack, so 4 packs will last me at least 40 days. As for the fish meat & skin, try to make it last longer...hehe

What happened to my ears??

Look at my ears! Someone played with my ears on wednesday while at Pawsitive Sensation...guess who's that?

It's Auntie Lu...make me look like a fool...:(

Bite her next week!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's crazy Wednesday!

And this time we got our "long time no bark" friend ----- Dexter, whom we did not see for weeks until yesterday.

3 against 1!

Now, Benny & I starting our usual wrestling session...

I have the upper paw!

Benny, though you are bigger than me, I am more macho & heavier than you! Pin you down!!

Ggrrr..Benny, since you not up yet, I shall bite yr neck..

After a short rest, here we go again...

Somehow Benny always got the upper paw when the wrestling starts, but I will eventually pin him down after a while..