Friday, May 9, 2008

Clare & Me!!

Hmmm...after Clare MIA for 1 mth, she's back...but she smelt different..:p Here are some of our 'loving' pics...hehe

1st, saying hello by......butt-smelling...

Now, smell & lick her ear...

Tickle her chest...

Clare : Help! Help!

Ok, good gal...let's have a kiss!

I love the last pic, see how I adore Clare...lick lick..:p
After checking & smelling her, finally she smell like a gal now..woof! woof!
Even Benny also smelt her...woof!

Barn2, let you know, Clare likes me too! *grin* *grin*

It's Wednesday! Its Playtime again!!!!

And how I miss my friends! I miss Clare, Barn2, Benny, Dexter, Lucky & Marky. A dog's life is not a dog's life without them. Not sure why I didn't see them for the past 1 mth, however I saw Aunty L's car, around 9.50am, & there I hopped onto the car & saw Aunty Lu, Barn2 & Clare..

Here's what we did during that day:

a) Tug-of-war

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Woof! Paws, the weather is so hot these days! My dad and mum can't take it, so do I. You see we corgis got thick coats, but humans don't. If they can't take it, I would feel worse. I was panting & panting, drooling all over the floor.

Due to the heat, mum & dad will turn on the aircon when it's time to sleep. SO how about me? Oh yes, oh yes, I got aircon for my room too! FYI, I got 4 chinchillas staying with me, so when the airocn is on, 5 of us gets the cool air for the nite. I slept soundly for the last 2 nites..hehe..thanx to the heat, ya?

Also I got aircons for the few hours during the day..oooo..yes..more heat = more aircon for me...:p

Mummy : Been running 2 units at the same time for more than 8 hrs during the night & 6 hrs for 1 unit during the day, for these few days.