Friday, July 31, 2009

Yummy Lamb Chunks!

My new food - 24 cans of Lamb Chunks each weighing 1.25kg.

Seeing is believing...but the best is still tasting it!

Royal Bed for Royal Dog!

Few days ago, Mum brought back a very huge carton! And here's what I did when evening came :

Step! Step! Step! Step!

Anticipating for the toy to be tossed...toy tossed near end of video.

After all the jumping up and down of the carton, don't know why the "face" got so many dimples....

Don't know what is wrriten on the "face"...whatever..the real FUN starts here:

Helping to walking on the box!

After unpacking, I continued to explore the box...

Tada! Here comes the rectangle wooden box & it's four legs!

It has cushion & it is soft...

Oh, it's Bed, it's a Bed, it's a ROYAL BED!!!!

1st, I sit...

Then I rest my PAWS....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Outing at Bishan Park & the Dog Run

Mummy: Brought Ode to the Bishan Park this morning as weather was good. Along the way, we met a corgi, then we entered the Dog Run, we met another corgi.

As always, Ode was very engrossed in marking his territory that he couldn't be bothered about other doggies there. After all the markings, he then started to mingle & sniff other doggie's butts.
We came to this place to rest after the fun time in the dog run, it was shady & windy. Ode had a good time admiring the scenery.

Hey, there's one little white westie there!

Come over here! Woof!

HAY! HAY! WOOF!...U hear me? Come over, it's shady and windy here!

Ok, let me walk a bit closer to u...COOMMEE OOOVVEERR...WOOOFFFF!

Argh! Now I know why you not coming over after all my effort..blame on yr stupid 2-legged creature! I'm so tired & thirsty now!

Never mind, I will call out to another doggie. May be I should howl, as only ALPHA MALE howls!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Special Outing!

It was only 6pm but mum & dad were already home! Wasn't it great?? But at the same time, I find it kind of weird as they are usually not home before 8pm. Soon after, mum said to me "Kai Kai"! Oh, KAI KAI!!! That's my top of the top top top vocab I LOVE & will NEVER FORGET!

Then I heard from dad, "Ode, you walk there yourself". What! Where? After a while, dad put on the harness for me...

As we walked, we stopped at the main road...
not long after, here came a taxi...up to the taxi...
ok, long story short...I saw Dr G Chay...Oh, I was so happy to see her!!! WOOF!

(Mum : we brought Ode to the vet for his "20 cents" sized inflammed rash, see pics below)

An irritated nipple, vet said he might have rubbed it against something on the floor that make him feel itchy or pain.

Before going to the vet, mum applied medication on the red spot & have this cone around my neck...

It was choking as it was too small!!

I hate this cone around my neck, especially now that I've outgrown this stupid thing!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The blue wriggly worm

It was raining yesterday, then I jumped on the bed due to fear of thunderstorm.
But see what I turned into?

Aaarrghh, I hate this!

(Mum: After this game, we had to change the beddings, due to his saliva & fur) The blanket is the worse, gotta send for laundry.)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Seal

See, do I perform like a Seal?

(Mum: He's able to bounce the ball back to us continuously for at least 8 times without dropping the ball on the floor. But he still prefers to chase the ball all around, the faster the ball moves, the more crazy he is.)

Friday, July 3, 2009

The BIG Bouncing BALL!!!

1st encounter with Big Big Ball....tune up your speaker volume to listen how I scolded the will hear WOW-WOO-HOO...a few times!

Trying to dig out the ball...

See how I challenged the ball...& watch my tongue...till end of video...

Ode is really crazy over the ball...observe his never stop wagging!