Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dog Agility at Bishan Park

This morning, mum & dad brought me to Bishan Park Dog Run.

I saw so many doggies & hoomans at the Dog Run while resting here after some butt-sniffing & marking at the gate of the Dog Run....

Some were going home already...

Weather was as hot as oven..see my drool?

And I drool & drool & drool....

See the floor?

Time to go home...but I was so tired that I refused to walk...

Hay! hay! This is DOG'S LIFE!!!

I am heavy you know? So daddy let me stand on this high stone to rest before we cross the road....

Looked left & now look many cars...

Dog Agility? Yeah, Other dogs but not me... :(

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where is Panda???

Mummy, where is Panda?

Panda, is that you at the door?

sigh, it's not you... :(

Panda, where are you???

I miss you.....

I will dream of you....Panda

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Panda and Me

Aarrfff!! My 4-legged frens...Panda has been in my house for more than a week, & we are having FUN!!! Fun for me to tell her who's the boss, or rather the Alpha Male here...GGGrrrrr...

Ok, actions speaks louder than words, ya? Here it goes....

Panda was quick to get up...but wait till you see the next video...


You see....yeah!!!

Ok, after telling her that I am the ALPHA here, we ended the wrestling sessions for the TIME BEING..half-time..full-time later...hehe

Hey hey, I pinned her down, I WON!

Panda : Hmph! What a bully?! I am just a baby, you know?

Ode : Ok, ok, sweet little gal, just pulling your tail..wanna you to have a great time here, trying to be a good host & kor-kor, you know?

Panda : Ode Kor-kor, are you kidding me? You mean it?

Ode : Yes, of coz, I am a nice guy, a nice ALPHA male... :p

Watch out for Full-time...Woof!

(Ode pin her down 99% of the time & this gal is very submissive)