Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fashion Show Time - Corgi in Tuxeudo

Yesterday, mum suddenly brought me donw in splits of seconds....without notifying me! And so we got down the lift, thought it was just like another regular walks or even to the Bishan Park...hehe...

But to my surprise, I saw Aunty L & Aunty Lu, Oh, I was really excited that I jumped n jumped. Next, I saw Aunty L passing some square-retangular thing to my mum..hmm..whatz that????

We returned home very soon, & see what's in the comes the fashion show!

As mentioned, it is a fashion show, so do expect a lot of similar pics...but surely different poses & angles of shots...

The Full dress...Hat & shirt....

The side view....

The front views with different smiles...:p

Hmm...whatz that smell?

Is it from this hat?, Daddy said I look like a clown with this hat!

So, no more hat, now I am asked to pose properly on this royal bed against this clean wall for perfect shots!

Isn't this the MOST PURfect shpts you ever seen? Smart & Macho enough to ask for a gal's paw? Woof!

Finally, the last shot for me on 4 paws....

Thanks Aunty L for the shirt....

Now, am ready to get married! hayhay....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Hard Green Ball

Hey, I've got a new toy.....a very hard GREEN BALL with patterns & a PIGGY TAIL.

1st pose with the GREEN GREEN happy with this new toy

Better pose properly, else I will not get to play with it...hmm..that's what mummy said!

Ok, see..I did & here's another nice pose & mum..make this the last one plleeaassee..I WANT THE BALL!

Hooray! I got the green light from my mum..& see how I stretch to get ready for this hard & heavy

The game begins :

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Woof! Look at my left paw....

....wrapped up in baby mitten & tied up with a handkerchief...

A closer look at my "nicely" wrapped up left paw..see still got lace one..luckily it is blue, else I will look girlish if it is in pink! So I still look macho with blue color..yeah! :p

But I HATE my paw being wrapped up like this, as I feel so handicap...Ummph! Just look at my face, you will know how much I wanted this stupid mitten to be off my paw though blue is meant for boys!

You guys guess what happened to my paw?

Prize for giving the correct answer : A KISS from me, on yr cheek..hehe

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Pics at 3yr Old

Here are some of my most recent I handsome? woof!
At 3 yr old, I am a young macho man...

Monday, August 31, 2009

My 3 yr Old Barkday!!

29th Aug, my birthday & here's what mum made for me :

Toman Fish with Potato, Carrot & Egg

Posing with the dish...oh, so tempting...mum, can I eat already?

Yeah! Finally...see how I polished up the whole bowl!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Blue T-Shirt

Aunty L bought us corgis plain colored T-Shirts & mine is Blue. Now, see how I look in this t-shirt...

It was tight-fitting...

Body became smaller than my head!

Mum, can you pls remove it? Coz I am feeling like a bak-chang, & it's hot after sometime..pppllllsss

(Mum:Ode did not know how to move around with this t-shirt on, but thanks anyway, we can still put it on whenever we want to)..hehe

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm on RazorTV!!

I was invited to be one of the food taster on 19th Aug which is a wednesday.

Enjoy the videos...

Part 1..I was the 1st one to reach Bishan Park, even Jeanette had not arrived yet! :

Part's the taste test but I was more interested in the environment..hehe :

Part 3...see how happy I was :

Granny and I I look handsome in this pic? :p

FUN TIME AT Bishan Park Dog Run on Sunday! - Part 2

After some stupid glitches and laziness of my mum, here's finally Part 2!

Part 1 was about me socialising with some new doggies, it was so awesome paw-some..& here's my various poses to show you how paw-some it was - the more tired I was the more pawsome it was :

Before mum could snap any pic, I had finished more than 90% of the water...left with this 10% of shallow water level!

Noticed my paw? It was very dirty....

Looking at the dog run.....

Oh, it was so much FUN...simply FUNtastic!

Thirsty again...let me drink more water...

Hay! Much better now..more relax...

Let me go into the dog run friends are still there, u know?

But I'm so exhausted!!!

Hmmm...never mind, I will be BACK...WOOF!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

FUN TIME AT Bishan Park Dog Run on Sunday! - Part 1

Oh, it's Sunday again! And here I am....

1st, let me MARK my territory or territories...

Next, butt-sniffing time....our doggie's way of saying "hello and hi" to new friends

Then it's time to stalk, chat and play....not forgetting showing my ALPHA MALE Status