Thursday, April 17, 2008

Silver Dog Charm - Corgi

Daddy bought me two dog charm, they are genuine silver. Look at the two corgi charms, the one on the right looks like me, ya?

I got a harness & a collar, so just nice, I can use both of them on my harness & collar..hehe...Daddy said I am the only corgi in S'pore wearing a corgi charm..woof!

Monday, April 7, 2008

End of the Walk

After the walk was over, while resting & watching other doggies, I made a new friend..

See...I'm so friendly..*grin*

Here are a few shots of me that mummy has taken...

It was a hot sunday morning, & a long walk, I enjoyed the whole events though I was very tired after that. Among 400 dogs, there were only 2 corgis, me & the 4 yr old red/white. Unlike last yr, there were so many corgis, easily 10 of us. I think it would be even more fun if all of my usual gang & frens can be there too.

Thatz about all, Paws, lets see if we can meet up next yr, ya?

More about Dog Walk

Along the way, here were the doggies I met....

Chow chow? Whatever, they look like bears..

Some humans are weird, carry dog when it's suppose to walk??:(

I got no idea what dog is this...anyone can tell me?

The two are really fluffy!

Chow chow at a better position...

A 4 yr old male corgi...

A Pinscher...

A Jack Russell Terrier...

A golden retriever..

A papillion or LH CHH?

Golden & Collie?

A Siberian Husky...

CHH or Pom in a bag...

Dog Walk - Main Events

Woof! All Paws, after a night's sleep, I am ready to tell you all about the rest of the agenda. After all the paws has got their goodie bags, the walk flag off at 9.00am, it's a 1.3km walk.

At the beginning of the walk...

During the walk....look at my bandanas

Close to finishing line....look at my bandanas

Looking up to mummy as she said we are almost done

Now, looking at Daddy...
Daddy, I've completed the 1.3km!!! I want WATER, WATER!!!

Oh, I am so thirsty..

HARE! HARE! I feel better now...*grin* *grin* *grin*

Coming up next, are some post-events shots, will show you who I met during the walk...stay tune again...woof!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Class 95 Dog Walk 2008

This morning I woke up exceptionally early (dad woke me up at 7am!)! Didn't know what was happening until I saw my mum & dad getting changed, well, must be going out without me again.. :(

But to my surprise, I noticed they are actually bringing me out too. In less than 10mins, the whole family was on the way to Bishan Park! Along the way, I saw many many dogs, I was so excited, it's been a long time I've seen so many dogs early in the morning. And so we reached the Dog Run Area, which I am very familiar with.

Over here, all parents queuing up with their doggies. I wonder whatz that for? Aren't we doggies gonna play and run free in the dog run? Oh, after a while, I saw the big banner saying "CLASS 95 FM DOG WALK 2008"!! Woof! Woof! I've been to this Dog Walk last year, the day when I 1st met Belle, Trident, Guy, Buta, Brownie, & some other corgis that were not in our forum.

Ok, long story short. Here are the events agenda :

7.30 am -- we made our way to the Dog Run Area.
7.50 am -- Starting to queue, we were among the 1st 10 or 15.
Around 8.15am -- I got my goodie bag & an umbrella.

The goodie bag & umbrella were only available for the 1st 200 early birds. So, while waiting for the rest of the doggies in the queue to collect theirs. I looked at what'z inside for me...

Here it goes :

5 items here -- Towel from Pets Lover Centre, Synthetic leather leash, Lanyard from CLASS 95, PETS Magazine & the blue bandanas

3 sample packs of Oven-Baked kibbles & another brand, I never seen or tasted these brands before.

Some Gifts coupon here, I doubt mummy gonna use them..

SKC Companion Dog Application form, US Doggie Bakery discount coupon(hmm..I think mum will use it..hehe) & Earth Cafe Information card(New dog cafe)

Last but not least, there were also cookies from US Doggie Bakery, wondering why there is no picture? Yum! Tum! It's already in my stomach, woof!

That's all for the goodie bag, stay tune for the dog walk happenings & the post-events, I am so tired after the walk, I shall take a short nap before I tell you guys about the rest of the activities....ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz...