Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nicky R.I.P in Raisin Land (22/02/04 to 16/12/08)

Today is special, I let my mummy use my blog..woof!

On 14th dec night, suspected that Nicky has not been eating for days, as his pellets and hay were totally untouched, next thing I realized was the water, it did not move at all. Gave him an almond, he ate very slowly, however he left 2/3 of it on the floor. I noticed something was not right & needs medical attention asap.

Yesterday morning, which was 15th dec, brought him to Dr Hsu, and he was diagnosed with gut problem, & hence given medication to move his gut. After all the handfeeding with critical care & apple sauce, he was improving.

But this morning, Nicky looked a bit different, & much more weaker. Continued to handfeed every 1 hr. Still he didn't look good. Despite all these, I still hoped that he will get better, unfortunately he did not. He passed away around 2pm! Though was not surprised that he will not make it, I still feel that his death was too sudden.

Nicky was my 1st chin, he is also my most favorite chin, as he was such a good boy & an intelliegent one. I really cannot accept his death as he's too young to die!

I just cannot stop crying....Nicky, hope you enjoy in Raisin Land now....& appear in my dreamland tonite...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Me & my BIG Softball...

I think my mummy really too lazy to type much with just one hand. And so here's the pictues.....will ask her to give some narratives to the pics..